A Special Preview 

by Hank Silverberg 
     Over the past 11 weeks I have written about all kinds of real issues facing the country or the world. Today's edition of "Time to Think" is something different. Below you will find the Prologue and part of Chapter 1 of my book, "The Campaign," which was published late last year. It's a novel. It's not #fakenews. It's fiction. It's been said, write about what you know, so my novel is about politicians, reporters and political and international intrigue.          Please read the excerpt, enjoy it and at the bottom, there will be instructions on how to order the book if you wish. It's available in hard cover, soft cover and E-book. 

The Campaign 

     “This is the WBN Evening News with John Conner.”
      The highest rated anchorman on American television turned to the camera. His scowl quickly turned to a look of concern as the red light on the…
Never Again!         By Hank Silverberg
 “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it"                                                             -- George Santayana 
          It is a startling figure. Twenty-two percent of millennials, and 11 percent of all American adults aren’t sure they know anything about the Holocaust which killed nearly 17 million people in the 1930’s and 1940’s. The figures come from a study released on Holocaust Remembrance Day this past week by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against         Two thirds of the millennials asked also could not identify what Auschwitz was.  And of those who did know something about the mass executions by the Nazis and their collaborators, 58 percent believed something like it could happen again.                 
  The exact number of people who were murdered between 1933 and 1945 will never be fully known, but 17 million is the most used number. Six million of them were Jews. Histor…
Clear and Present Danger

By Hank Silverberg                                                                  I am troubled. Some of our basic rights are being threatened, and no one seems to notice or care.         Our founding fathers took more than 25 years to create a system in this country which, with a few amendments, has held up very well over the last 200 years.       It took more than ten years to dump the loosely written concepts of the Articles of Confederation and formulate a system of checks and balances for our government that became the U-S Constitution in 1789. That document set up how we choose our leaders and how much power they have. But that was not enough for men like John Jay, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton.  They also knew that a centralized government needed to be checked and that the rights of individual citizens needed to be protected.     By 1791, that had taken shape as well. The Bill of Rights, consisting of ten amendments, was added. Over time the expa…
Boycotts, Hairspray and Gun violence By Hank Silverberg

  It has been an interesting week. The baseball season opened, the weather turned from spring, to winter and back to spring again,and a teenage high school student became the target of an uninformed TV talk show host with political aspirations. So after all the yelling on TV, re-arranging the coat closet and disappointment over opening day scores, it was time for a diversion. My wife suggested that we watch a DVD of the musical, “Hairspray.” I have seen it several times before, but it’s always entertaining to watch John Travolta dancing around the screen as a zaftig woman .The movie was not a diversion this time.  

     If you don’t know the storyline of “Hairspray,” it’s about a young, overweight girl named Tracy, who lives in segregated Baltimore in the early 1960’s, whose only desire in life is to dance on a local TV show sponsored by a hairspray company. Her weight has made her the subject of discrimination similar to the black …
Are the times changing?  By Hank Silverberg
Come senators, congressmen
                                             Please heed the call
                                            Don't stand in the doorway
                                             Don't block up the hall

                                            For he that gets hurt
                                            Will be he who has stalled
                                            There's a battle outside ragin'
                                             It'll soon shake your windows
                                             And rattle your walls
                                             For the times they are a-changin'                                                                                                                      --Bob Dylan, 1964 I was thinking about the protest movements of the 1960’s and 70’s as I watched a half million people,  mostly young, on the Nationa…